Celebrating 60 years of creativity
44 Years at Hutzot Hayotzer
91 Years old and Paintting

Recived The Jerusalem Award
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Viviane Levy   (E-mail)
(27/11/2010 06:32:00)

What a surprise to see that there is an exhibit of your work at Rosebud. I had bought one of your paintings during my trip to Jerusalem in 1990. I am definitely planning on going to Soho. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity to the world. Bonne continuation!

Laurence Cohn   (E-mail)
(19/11/2010 09:47:00)

I purchased your water color Sail Boats in Haifa in 1968 and have been enjoying viewing it ever since.

Tim Stuart   (E-mail)
(04/11/2010 06:59:00)

I enjoyed meeting you and your wife during our recent trip to your country. You were a gracious host. My wife loved the painting that I purchased there. Thank you and God Bless.

Holly   (E-mail)
(22/10/2010 00:47:00)

Congratulations on your 60 year anniversary! Your work is so inspirational.
Best wishes to you and your family! Holly

susanne antmann
(21/09/2010 22:08:00)

wonderful art and great website
thank you

Ruth Shapiro   (E-mail)
(19/09/2010 22:05:00)

Motke- I met you in 1988 when I was working with some of the silversmiths on your street. I later met you again when I brought my husband with me 13 years later. I congratulate you on your 60 year anniversary. We think of you often when we look at your beautiful work in our home.

shosh blum   (E-mail)
(25/08/2010 00:22:00)

I love your new website.
Thank you Ofer for doing such a great job.

wsdvbjk   (E-mail)
(22/07/2010 00:23:00)


Teresa Machado   (E-mail)
(18/07/2010 12:26:00)

Congratulations on your site Motke - when we can't gsee you live at your studio at Chutzot, we can always see here a slidehow of your paintings and be impressed and delighted again and again... love, Teresa, Reuven and Iris

Mary Lee Degemmis-Shusta   (E-mail)
(02/07/2010 09:04:00)

What a blessed event your 60yr. anniversary. I feel honoured to know and own some of you work. I pray you have many more years to help humanity enjoy and experience the gift you have.May it stir up our emotions and cause us to ponder,learn and think,about life always making us grow in wisdom understanding and knowledge. God Bless You Motke and your family.

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