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Debbie Starkman   (E-mail)
(16/07/2017 05:54:00)

I met you in your studio in 1991. Every day I look at the beautiful watercolor of Jerusalem I brought back to NY. Twenty six years later, I remember our conversations and your kindness.

pietje horjus   (E-mail)
(04/08/2013 16:24:00)

Thanks Motke that we could visit you in your studio 2 weeks ago! It was very nice to hear your stories and our children got a painting repro from you which they all framed once at home in Leeuwarden. We all have nice memories of the visit!

Kate Bitney   (E-mail)
(16/04/2013 05:51:00)

Motke, I happened across your studio 2 years ago while walking with friends through Israel. Our 2 hour visit was by far one of my favorite memories of Israel and Jerusalem. Your art speaks to me in a way that is so powerful-- I am so glad that I bought one of your pieces. I think of you often and hope that you're well. Keep spreading love and truth through your work-- I am glad that it will be with me always.

Chartles Coleman   (E-mail)
(16/04/2012 23:58:00)

My wife Betsey met you a few days ago in your studio and quickly directed me to your site. I have looked at your art and found your creativity both exciting and inspiring. I hope I get to visit when I am in Israel.

Carolyn Hill   (E-mail)
(11/12/2011 20:08:00)

Thank you for inviting my friend Joyce and me into your shop this passed Nov. 26th. How could we not come in when you said, "My paintings are crying because I've not had visitors lately!" We LOVED hearing your stories and enjoyed your work. Plus the doves print hangs beautifully in my Ohio home. Blessings to you in the New Year!

Lynne Stephenson
(28/07/2011 01:22:00)

By some mysterious fluke your website suddenly appeared on my screen. I haven't heard from you (or Natti) in ages. How are you all and what happened about the studio? Love ever, Lynne.

Michael   (E-mail)
(05/07/2011 15:51:00)

Great site!! Now we can get to see the art...always too busy talking when we visit the studio to take a proper look. Enjoy doing what you love most. Take care.

Dennis Siebert   (E-mail)
(02/06/2011 20:55:00)

Motke, when my wife and I were in your studio, I saw a book of your work which you co-authored. Could someone give me details so I could order that book?

Carsten Dalsgaard Poulsen   (E-mail)
(05/03/2011 12:25:00)

Dear Motke Blum. Nice to see your website. We visited you in September 2009 in your gallery. It was a great pleasure to speak with you and hear your story. We were able to buy a few small pieces of art from you, and we are happy, good memories about you and our trip to Jerusalem. We hope to have the opportunity to visit you again next time we travel to the Holy Land.
Greetings from
Bente and Carsten Poulsen
Viborg, Denmark

Joshua Crigger   (E-mail)
(01/03/2011 04:50:00)

Hi Motke,

My wife and I frequented your studio in late 2009 and loved the time we got to spend with you. The prints we purchased are now hanging in our home and cause us to think of you often.

We have hopes of seeing you again in the near future.

here is a link to the photograph I took of you.
Joshua, Bethany and Amaliyah Crigger

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