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44 Years at Hutzot Hayotzer
91 Years old and Paintting

Recived The Jerusalem Award
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1925 – Born in the village of Racacun, Romania. At the age of 5 moved to Bucharest.
1938 – Taken by the Romanian Iron Guard during the pogroms before the Germans   invaded Romania.
1940-1944 – Forced Labor during the Holocaust, many times painting saves his life.  Takes part in the Gordonia Underground.
1944 – Escapes Forced Labor, receives a certificate and boards an immigrants boat.  Experiences the trauma of the sinking of the "Mefkure". Arrives at Kibbutz Avuka.
1946 – Leaves the Kibbutz, moves to Natanya and works in construction - where he  dreams to paint the walls which he builds. Joins the "Haganah".
1948 – Joins the army and participates in the War of Independence.
1951 – Moves to Jerusalem, fulfills his dream and evening courses in painting in  "Betzalel".
1951-1956 – Youth guide in various neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
1952 – Accepted as a full student in "Betzalel" in the Metalwork department. Also studies Sculpting and Enamel.
1956 – Graduates from "Betzalel". Received twice the Sonnenbourne scholarship, and  Sonnenbourne award for his graduation piece in Metalwork.  The Eternal Flame he deigned during his studies is purchased by "Zim" company for the company's fleet.
During his studies was invited to participate in a special course for restoration of  Mosaics and Frescos by UNESCO, with Prof. Oeseli  director of the Art Academy in Ravena, Italy.
1956-1996 – For 40 years restored mosaics and frescos all around Israel.
1956-1958 – After graduating, travelled to Holland to specialize in the design department of the Royal Design Factory in Zeist.
1958 – Returned to Israel and set his studio in Jerusalem. Upon his return the Israel government commissioned a miniature mosaic of the
Medba Map for Mr. Meir Weisgal.
1960 – The Weitzman Institute Commissioned a mosaic map of the Israel Tribes in  tribute for Otto Preminger.
1961 – Israel Discount Bank commissioned a large mosaic map of Israel for the New  York branch,
1964 – Exhibition tour in Europe
1965-1967 – Exhibition and study tour in the US, also guided youth at Cejwin Camp at Port Jarvis. Invited to exhibit two of his mosaics at the Smithsonian Institution.
1969 – Sets his permanent Studio at Chutzot Hayotzer near the Jaffa Gate.
1981 – Museums tour in the US and Canada, after receiving the Sidney and Bell Creation  award as a scholarship for this trip.
1990 – Elianne Wilson, Anthologist, invites Motke to join her in creating the book: "Jerusalem Reflections of Eternity".
1991 – Invited to exhibit his Jerusalem painting in Frankfurt, Germany, in tribute of Teddy Kollek's 80'th birthday.
1994 – The National Chzeck Television prepares a documentary about Motke called "All Colors White".
2002- Volunteers weekly with mentally disabled artists at AKIM.
2006 – Receives the Ish-Shalom Award for life achievements for his special contribution to art, and for being an ambassador of peace in his paintings.
2007 – Holocaust Museum in Washington commissions a painting for their permanent display.
2008 - The National Chzeck Television prepares a continued documentary about Motke.
2014 - Recived the jerusalem Award.

Exibition's List

O N E   M A N   S H O W S

1959       Rina Gallery, Jerusalem
1960       Artists' Pavillion, Netanya
1961, 1969, 1974, 1990, 2001 Artists' House, Jerusalem
1961       Atelier 97, Tel-Aviv
1963       Netanya Art Gallery
1964       Hageffen Gallery, Haifa; 1964 Woodstock Gallery, London;
               Merenciano Gallery, Marseille; Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
1966       Henry Street, New York
1967       Emerging Arts Gallery, New York
1973       Art Museum, Eilat
1975       Rehovot Gallery, Rehovot
1981       Municipality Exhibition Hall, Netanya
1989       Gallery B, Jeruslaem
1991       Paulskirche, Frankfurt
1992, 1998, 2005, 2012 Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem
1992       Vystavni Sin Ceske Sporitelny Gallery, Prague
1994       Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem
1995       Bayerische Vereinsbank, Frankfurt
1996       Schamretta Gallery, Frankfurt
1996, 1999, 2001                FAH Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands
1997       Murakami Gallery, New York
1998      Avero Toren, Leeuewardeen,  Netherlands
1999       Archdiocese Museum, Vienna, Austria
2000       Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv
2001       Bezalel Gallery, Hahn, Germany
2003       Konrad Adenauer Center, Jerusalem
2005      Great Neck Arts Center. Great Neck, N.Y.
2007       Sparkasse, Speyer, Germany
2008, 2009 Municipal Hall, Meinz, Germany
2010       Galley Red House, Tel-Aviv
2010       Kastiel Design Center, Tel Aviv

G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S

1960       Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro
1963, 1964 Tel-Aviv Museum
1965       Galleria i.b.e.u., Rio de Janeiro
1965       Galleria Asteria, Sao Paolo
1965       Palais Longchamps, Marseille
1965       Israel Art Gallery, Philadelphia
1965       Smithsonian Institution,  Washington D.C.
1966       UNESCO Brandeis Intl., Washington D.C.
1966       National Gallery of Design, N.Y.C.
1967       Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1967       David's Tower, Jerusalem
1969       The Art Museum, Acre
1972       The Biennale of Graphic Arts, Florence
1973       Philadelphia Art Alliance
1973       Helmhaus, Zurich
1976       Ribenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1978       Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
1978       Cambell & Franks Gallery, London
1986       Artists' House, Jerusalem
1987       2nd Annual Int'l Exhibition of Miniature Art, Del  Bello Gallery,
1993       Portrait Exhibition, Israel Museum
1994       "In Need of Art," Artists' House, Jerusalem
1994       Ashdod Museum   
1999       Miniatures: “Letters”, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
1999       8th Annual International Miniature Show, Parklane Gallery,
2000       Miniatures:  “Love”, Artists’ Pavilion, Tel Aviv
2001, 2005 "Reshamim", National drawing Exhibition
2008       "Shivrei Panim", Artists' House, Jerusalem

All through his fruitful creation years, Motke held over 50 One-Man-Shows all over Israel and the world, including Holland, Chzech Republic, England, Belgium, France, Australia, Austria, New-Zealand and all over the US and Canada.
He participated in many group exhibitions around Israel and abroad including South America, Europe, Asia and the US, and also in theme exhibitions and in various techniques including Miniature, sketch and sculpting exhibitions.
Many works were commissioned from him for public buildings and VIP's in Israel and around the globe: The Justice Ministry an the Ministry of Tourism commissioned posters which are exhibited till today in the various offices; Mosaics and Tapestries were commissioned by Israeli and Jewish institutes; His Kinetic sculpture was donated to the Hadassah Hospital by Muriel and Philip Berman; Many of his paintings appear on covers of books and on walls of public buildings around the world.
All those years he never stopped experiencing with new material, various expression ways and explores the boundaries of creation in all media. He now focuses in experimenting in shape, color and texture both in the classic media and the modern ones.
Since he established his studio at Chutzot Hayotzer, Motke opened his gates to schools, kindergartens, and children and adults with special needs without limits. He taught in kindergartens and schools, with people with special needs and the sick, and assisted people to find their special inner strength hidden in them through painting and creating.
During the years Motke contributed many of his creations in two levels: for schools, clubs, institutions, the IDF and special organizations; He also contributed his paintings for philanthropic purposes and auctions for funding organizations for the benefit of education and social activity.








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