Celebrating 60 years of creativity
44 Years at Hutzot Hayotzer
90 Years old and Paintting
Recived The Jerusalem Award

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 printed in a limited edition of 120 copies signed and numbered …
 by Motke him self.
These books where prepared by his wife
Brows Between the books :
Once in a life time chance to Order The full collection of 6 or one of the books

You Tell MeShoah Of My PeopleMy Animals And Doves,

Muses And Love
,Look for meSecretly The Boat,
The books are prepared by his wife, Shosh. She tells about the book:
"Motke is in his studio at Chutzot Hayotzer, he sits in his corner and he sits and draws for hours on end. Suddenly, he comes out holding in his hand several small drawings and asks me: 'How do you like them'?
To my reaction:'What is it'? He answers: 'You tell me'.
At this moment a couple enters and Motke showing the drawings in his hand and they also ask him: 'What is it, explain to us'.
His answer is: 'You tell me what it is. I've said it all in my paintings. Now it's your turn'.
I saw the drawings. Suddenly they spoke to me and demanded to become a book"…

27/5/2014 Motke Recived the Jerusalem Award.
Take A look at the Ceremoney:

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